Undoing Institutional Racism (UIR) Workshops

Interested in Lasting Change Within Our Tacoma Community Surrounding Race?

Vibrant Schools hosted two Undoing Institutional Racism (UIR) Workshops with facilitators from The People’s Institute Northwest. These workshops were August 28th-29th and September 18th-19th.  Each workshop session had 40 participants.  The August session was for community and civic organizations.  September was dedicated to educational organizations and institutions.

In October we brought together ALL participants from the August and September workshops for information sharing and development of action steps as a result of the UIR training.  Those involved in the workshops have been asked to continue on as a cohort looking at collective action within our Tacoma community to address issues surrounding equity and race within their own institutions.  Everyone who participates in our quarterly workshops will have the opportunity to share the anti-racist and equity work they have done at the 2014 Race and Pedagogy Conference.

These initial workshops would not have happened without our sponsors: Tacoma Public Schools, Race and Pedagogy, Solutions for Humanity, Community, and the Environment, League of Education Voters, and Asia Pacific Cultural Center. If you have been through an Undoing Institutionalized Racism workshop through The People’s Institute Northwest, you qualify to attend our quarterly events and be apart of this work. We still have our quarterly workshops that we are looking for sponsors and volunteers for. In order to keep momentum with this work we wanted to have each institution and organization take on an anti-racist and equity project for 2014.

For more on these quarterly workshops, please check out: Undoing Institutionalized Racism Workshops & 2013/2014 Cohort. To be a participant, volunteer, or to sponsor these events, please contact us at:.